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Aris Bags are spreading the world!

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Aris Bags is on of the few handmade brands where you can find your new bag, which is going to complete your look. You will find both minimalist and bohemian style backpacks and shoulder bags.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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10 frequently asked questions on Aris Bags online store. We would like to answer the most common questions what our customers have asked in the past. We discuss the shipment, color, shopping, materials, washing etc.


Do you need customization on your bag?

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You can customize your purchase. Just add the imagined item from the custom service to your cart. 
You will have your new customized bag easily!


Nowadays the market is full of different types of backpacks, in a large price range. Whereas there are a lot of places on the internet where bags can be seem similar to each other but the difference between them is the quality.

People try to wear bags, that different from other people's bag but it is hard to find a make which provides products like this.

The Aris Bags brand was founded for people, who need not only high quality but unique bags at the same time for affordable price!

,,How can Aris Bags grant quality and uniqueness at the same time?"

CUSTOMIZABLE and PERSONALIZED products! - this is the short answer

Customers can find different options at arisbags.com webshop products, which can be customized on their own discretion!
This means that the most of the product on our website is personalizable in size, color, closure, material etc.

If you still don't believe, just visit the the following link and you will understand what do we mean under the word "customizable".

Check one of our bestseller item!

You can read more about this in our blog post!