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Minimalist waterproof slim backpack for business | Aris Bags

Horizontally seperated two colors slim backpack. Minimalist black and green cordura bag.

Backpack Details:
- backpack outer material: waterproof cordura fabric, Please choose a optional colors from the drop down menu.
- backpack internal material: 100% cotton canvas, optional color
- handstraps, optional size in the drop down menu
- metal parts: antique brass or nickel
- zipper and webbing colors: optional from the drop down menu
- outer zippered pocket at the front and the back
- four internal open pockets
- one internal zippered pocket
- 2in1 Backpack strap. Adjustable and detachable. 

So if you want to use it as a backpack strap, just slide it over the strap on the rectangular metal part. 
However, it can be used as a shoulder strap or crossbody strap.


Dimensions of flappy backpacks

LARGE - The backpack fits a 15" MacBook
Big size backpack.The biggest size what you can choose, this will fit a lot of stuff!
Height: 16" / 40 cm
Width of the top: 14,5" / 37 cm
Bottom: 11" x 4" / 28 x 10 cm
Adjustable strap length: 31"-55" / 80-140 cm
Adjustable strap width: 1 1/4" / 3 cm

MIDI - The backpack fits a 13" MacBook
This is a medium size backpack.
Height: 14" / 35 cm
Width of the top: 12,5" / 32 cm
Bottom: 10,5" x 2,5" / 26 x 6 cm
Depth: 2,5"
Adjustable strap length: 31"-55" / 80-140 cm

MINI - The backpack fits a 11" MacBook
Small Forest green and Black backpack. Small but not the smallest size among the choices.
Height: 12" / 31 cm
Width of the top: 10" / 26 cm
Bottom: 9,5" x 2" / 24 x 5 cm
Adjustable strap length: 30,5" - 55" / 77-140 cm
Adjustable strap width: 3/4" / 2 cm

Little size minimalist backpack. The smallest size what you can choose.
Height: 9" / 23 cm
Width of the top: 8" / 20 cm
Bottom: 7,5" x 2" / 19 x 5 cm
Adjustable strap length: 31"-55" / 80-140 cm
Adjustable strap width: 1 1/4" / 3 cm


Difference between Cordura and Canvas fabric


Cordura is a collection of fabric technologies used in a wide array of products including luggage, backpacks, trousers, military wear and performance apparel. Cordura fabrics are known for their durability and resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs.

Our customers prefer Cordura fabric minimalist backpacks, because it is water resistant and flexible at the same time. Buyers are more satisfied with the variety of colors available.
Cordura fabric minimalist backpack stands tough where different bags made from other fabric struggle to hold up. The material can stand through many washings and remain as durable as its first use.


On the other hand we use 100% cotton canvas. The fabric is simple and perfect for a slim minimalist bag. It is less water resistant but some customers don't care about it because it is more flexible than cordura. That is why the stuffs inside the bag can shape the canvas material more.


Difference between Nickel and antique brass

Nickel or Antique brass?

We provide 2 choices of metals to your slim backpack. Rustic Antique Brass or modern looking Nickel. People's opinion is extremely divided in this topic. That is why we offer two types of metal for your Forest green and Black slim bag.

So we give the choice to the customers. Antique Brass will give a little bit of vintage style to the minimalist backpack and of course the bronze color can fit a lot of colors more than the whitish Nickel metal. But for a simple Forest green and Black minimalist backpack the Silvery style Nickel can fit better.


Zipper outside on the front and backside of the backpack

It is sure that sometimes you feel that your bag does not have enough pockets to hold all your stuff. This Forest green and Black minimalist backpack has outside pockets on both sides.

Zipper closing

These pockets are accessible easily and they have zipper closing.
The pockets are horizontally aligned. If you don't want to put all things into the main body of the bag, then you will like these outside pockets.
You can seperate some of your stuff into them and the outside zipper pocket on the backside is safer while you are wearing your minialist backpack!


Flap closing carabiner type

Nowadays slim style is fashion. Slim bags are pretty comfortable because they can fit in smaller places.

The bag with its thin design fits in your back line. This style is elegant and cool at the same time.

Of course if you travel on public transportation you know that during busy days these means of transportation are full of people. With this slim backpack you don't need extra space because of your backpack.


Flap closing carabiner type

You can add extra handle to the top of your minimalist backpack.

Customize the length of the Handle at the top!

The handle give a comfortable hold while you hold your backpack in your hand or on your shoulder. This option provides more functionality to your bag. The length of the handle can be customized in the drop-down list. You can choose shorter handle if you would carry you bag only in your hands,
or you can even choose longer one if you wish to carry you bag on your shoulder.


Aris Bags custom service

Didn't you find all customizable options in the product's drop-down lists?

We are sure you will find the imagined additional upgrade to your bag in the Custom Service section.

Add upgrade to your product with our Custom service!

You can go to the Custom Service category and choose the required upgrade product. Add it to your cart and we will upgrade your product with it.
For eyample you can choose zipper color, add more pockets or you can add extra bottle holder inside!

Read more about our Custom Service here in the Blog post!


Aris Bags sewing

The backpack only with quality materials and great outlook would never be Aris Bag.

Plan, Tailor and Sew the bags with LOVE!

Of course all of the parts come from quality manufacturers because those elements make the body of the bags. But the heart and secret of our bags are advance planning, precise tailoring high accuracy sewing and construction. And when the bag is finished it goes through a final check. All of our products are made with care and love.

Our motivation comes from the satisfaction and happy response of our buyers!

Thank you!


Aris Bags packed items

The last step of the production is the wrapping of the backpack.
We found out that we could put the bag into another bag which has the function of wrapping at the same time.

Wrapping and another bag for shopping as Gift!

First we would like to give a little gift to our customers with our special wrapping bags.
And second with this idea we think about the biggest article of nowadays: about our nature and future!
We try to think about our planet, that is why we created unique wrapping made from recycled plastic.

Thank you for buying Aris Bag!

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