Welcome to Aris Bags store where you may found the bag of your wish. We are proud to say that this brand is one of the few fashion brands, which is handmade. Aris bags are made with lots of love. When we selected our materials, durability was taken into account primarily. Customer satisfaction is unattainable without high quality. That is why we are always working to meet the buyer's requirements!

Who is Aris Bags for?

As far as our target audience is concerned, Aris Bags are created for all generations.

You can find bags with minimalist style. You can take these for serious occasions for example business meetings, theatre or birthday party.

But you don't have to worry if you need a new backpack for an upcoming festival. The other great style of Aris Bags is the Bohemian.

Boho bags have their own unique patterns to complete your look!
With our party and festival oriented bags we extremely focused on the durability of the bags. So we sell most of Aris Bags with waterproof fabric! It is only one click on the product page to get your shoulder bag with waterproof cordura material.

What kind of bags is Aris Bags selling?

People can find backpacks, shoulder bags, bucket bags, diaper bags, messenger bags and even fanny packs.
Most of our bags are functional bags, where you can change the strap settings between shoulder strap way, or backpack wearing way. We add to the product more carabiners or metal parts to provide easy access to the buyers to change the srtap length or the looping way into the bag.

We hope you will find your ideal Aris Bag here!



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